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Eisenblätter Katalog 2016 GB

Fleece Top Wheel Suitable for ALL METALS · WOOD Fleece wheel compressed with polyurethane foam .Several times the service life of "pure fleece wheels" .With a vibration-damping core for single,double and quadruple spline shafts,thus ensuring the disc runs perfectly .Achieves strong linear structures with a decorative shine and fine deburring of perforated sheet metal . Technical Data: Dimensions (mm) Ideal speed (rpm) Max. speed (rpm) Pkg. unit Grit (K) Article number Ø 112 x 100 x 19 1,000 – 3,000 5,000 2 80 43102 180 43103 280 43104 400 43105 600 43106 900 43107 HOLZ WOOD INFO: BALANCING Only linear grinding wheels (fleece and mix wheels) from Eisenblätter are balanced: the quality of the surface finish crucially depends on whether the grinding wheels run perfectly. The individual grinding wheels are often out of balance due to factors relating to production and raw materials, which in turn results in an imbalance and vibration. This is transmitted to the workpiece – resulting in chatter marks and shadows and therefore producing a result which is not clean. Eisenblätter is the only supplier in the world to have found a solution for this problem and supplies its fleece and mix wheels in 100 % perfect condition. Eisenblätter's fleece and mix wheels are balanced by a machine specifically designed for the purpose (similar to wheel-balancing for vehicles). The machine balances out the imbalance using a counterweight, with the result that the wheel runs perfectly. This in turn guarantees a high quality of grinding and satin finish. Surfaces can be machined flawlessly and the process eliminates the time and cost spent on finishing workpieces which are needed when surfaces are finished with non-balanced grinding wheels. 125 LINEAR GRINDING – SATIN FINISHING FINISHING AND FINE GRINDING Ø 112 x 100 x 191,000 – 3,0005,00028043102 18043103 28043104 40043105 60043106 90043107