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Eisenblätter Katalog 2016 GB

BRIGHTEX® Non-Scratch Cloth Suitable for ALL MATERIALS Much improved,ultra-soft microfibre cloth,free of seams for scratch-free cleaning of stainless steel surfaces and other decorative metals .Particularly soft and absorbent .Can be washed many times . Technical Data: Dimensions (mm) Quality Pkg. unit Article number 400 x 400 360 g/m2 5 40031 NEW BRIGHTEX® Softclean Powder Suitable for ALL METALS Packaging Contents (g) Pkg. unit Article number Resealable bag Approx .1,000 1 40028 Aluminium shaker Approx .200 1 40029 A new and much improved cleaning powder removes all cream and paste residues after every polish and allows all metals to shine completely scratch-free in their best light .Replaces POLY Lime for a significantly better effect! Apply a little using the shaker and wipe off without applying any pressure using a clean microfibre cloth . Powder consists of ultra-fine micro-particles with a large surface area for the best possible absorbency . Technical Data: NEW 133 LINEAR GRINDING – SATIN FINISHING POLISHING 400 x 400360 g/m2 540031 Resealable bag Approx .1,000140028 Aluminium shaker Approx .200140029