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Eisenblätter Katalog 2016 GB

Suitable for STEEL · STAINLESS STEEL · NON-FERROUS METALS · WOOD POLY-PTX® Clean Wheel Ultra-resistant nylon fleece cleaning wheel Grit-impregnated coarse nylon fabric – fits on the normal 100mm shaft but has a working width of 110 mm due to the overhang . As a result,the tightening screw is sunk into the wheel and you can grind up to the edge .With a vibration-damping core for single, double and quadruple spline shafts,ensuring the wheel runs perfectly .Cleans and removes pore-deep paint,rust,scale and dirt on all materials .Similar effect to sand-blasting; as it cleans without removing material .Ideal for car bodywork,the automotive industry,in shipyards and renovation work by commercial decorators and builders . Technical Data: Dimensions (mm) Ideal speed (rpm) Max. speed (rpm) Pkg. unit Article number Ø 115 x 110 x 19 1,000 – 2,000 5,000 2 40018 Ø 115 x 50 x 19 1,000 – 2,000 5,000 4 40018a STAHL STEEL HOLZ WOOD 135 LINEAR GRINDING – SATIN FINISHING CLEANING Ø 115 x 110 x 191,000 – 2,0005,000240018 Ø 115 x 50 x 191,000 – 2,0005,0004 40018a