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Eisenblätter Katalog 2016 GB

14 EISENBLÄTTER MAGNUM® RAZORCUT® So sharp it shouldn't be allowed! ACHIEVE 130 CUTS! Eisenblätter blows records apart in metalworking. 1 mm cutting disc makes 130 cuts. Up to 50% improvement in performance! Up until now,the best performance was by the MAGNUM® FINECUT for pre-defined tube cuts .In Eisenblätter's tests it achieved approx .80 cuts of Ø 27 mm diameter stainless steel tube with a wall thickness of 2 mm .With the new MAGNUM® RAZORCUT® cutting disc,we can achieve 130 cuts! That's over 50 % more cuts .This new innovation by Eisenblätter is for universal use with all metals . For our customers,a long service life and high cutting speed means a large reduction in labour and variable costs .Stock-keeping costs are also reduced .In addition, the discs are considerably easier to handle .Like a knife through butter .Why not give it a try? SEE PAGE 24 FOR MORE DETAILS. COLDSTEEL® Ceramic .Cold .Aggressive . NEWLY DEVELOPED CERAMIC FIBRE DISC The new COLDSTEEL® ceramic fibre discs are a new generation of high-performance fibre discs. Ultra-fine grit and crystal structures provide for significantly more self-sharpening edges and a huge improvement in material removal . Improved operational speeds are achieved through sharp grains (better grip),aggressivity and cooler grinding .Even in the coarse grit range and at a high rate of material removal,the size of the chip particles remain relatively small,which in turn can prevent damage caused by the afterglow behavior of metal particles that are too large . The finer grinding result on the surface of the workpiece reduces the frequent need to finish the piece using finer grits . COLDSTEEL® ceramic fibre discs are supplied in all generally available diameters and grits .Packed in a practical resealable bag . SEE PAGE 52 FOR MORE DETAILS. NEW PRODUCTS