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Eisenblätter Katalog 2016 GB

POLY-PTX® 800 PROFESSIONAL Suitable for LINEAR GRINDING · POLISHING • Grinds from coarse to very fine • Balanced,straight-line control without support rollers, allowing the tool to be freely adjusted (oscillation effect) .Highly decorative surfaces are guaranteed in satin and matt finish and industrial grinding without shadows or transitions • Produces a satin finish,polishes to a mirror finish and improves surface finish on stainless steel,steel,non-fer- rous metals (e .g .brass,bronze,copper and aluminium) as well as wood • Very fine grinding on large surface areas – with no shadows or streaks • Perfect for use as a pipe grinder when using a grinding belt roller • Removes spot welds,deep scratches,rust,dirt,paint and oxide layers • Just three steps from coarse grinding to a mirror finish on stainless steel and non-ferrous metals • Grinds and polishes open and closed pipe constructions • A“T-lock system”for pipe grinding ensures safe,fast connection of fleece and felt belts to closed pipe constructions .No more hassle having to glue the belts • Huge range of grinding tools to cover almost every conceivable job • Now with a rubberised handle for excellent handling FEATURES From the inventor of the linear grinding machine .More powerful than the original .Our multipurpose linear grinder now with even more power .1750-watt output,variable-speed,ergonomic design and extremely versatile – even for working widths of up to 150 mm .High torque and power reserves guarantee a long service life and improved economy . NEW 140 POWER TOOLS