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Eisenblätter Katalog 2016 GB

15 EISENBLÄTTER EISENBLÄTTER E-Boxx case Stack .Protect .Carry . EVERYTHING IN ITS PLACE! Use the new E-Boxx case to organise your Eisenblätter products! A place for everything and everything in its place. The E-Boxx case allows you to have tools with you everywhere, working on site and lots more. The E-Boxx case is extremely heavy duty and provides not only the maximum use of the available volume while taking up minimal space but also total protection for tools, power tools and consumables when away on jobs .The integrated latch completes the sturdy design and makes the E-Boxx case stackable .The foam inserts,which can be customised to fit the respective product,ensure that tools are held securely,protected from jolts and stored tidily . Our E-Boxx cases have a large,heavy-duty and ergonomic handle which makes carrying them around a breeze . SEE PAGE 217 FOR MORE DETAILS. MAGNUM® Unitized Multi-layered .Impregnated .Grinding additive . NEW GRINDING EVOLUTION You'll be amazed when you use MAGNUM® Unitized for deburring, smoothing sheet metal, pipes, weld seams and fillet welds. This special range was specifically developed for fine grinding,weld seams,spot welds and eliminating scratches .The high compressive force applied to multi-layered fleece followed by a foam compression impregnation process means the non-woven Unitized is a brand new product .Grinding will leave you astonished, no brush marks .This application allows the product to be immediately reworked to obtain a satin finish or to polish a workpiece to a mirror finish . You can achieve a mirror finish with the Eisenblätter BRIGHTEX® polishing system that is to be found in this catalogue together with belts,grinding discs,sleeves and pastes .Whether you want to use it on the side or the face of the disc,everything is possible . When using the 125 mm discs,we recommend using our height adjusting washer (#65005) onto the machine flange . The available sizes and material thicknesses of the MAGNUM® Unitized are shown in the CATALOGUE ON PAGE 60. NEW PRODUCTS