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Eisenblätter Katalog 2016 GB

16 EISENBLÄTTER BRIGHTEX® Polishing System A mirror finish is a breeze with Eisenblätter . POLISHING BY CONCEPT Are you over expensive and time-consuming polishing processes with results that are still poor? Now that's history. Only two steps and you'll be able to see yourself in the finish! The newly developed BRIGHTEX® system by Eisenblätter, the original,puts a shadow-free mirror finish on untreated metal .For the first time,this totally new form of technology and specially developed polishing fleece coated in a highly innovative universal polishing paste allow mirror polishing in one operation – and with just ONE disc .Instead of rotating the tool with pastes and creams or scratching away at the workpiece,our polishing discs are soaked through with pastes .What does that mean for you? Just fit the BRIGHTEX® polishing disc using the FIX HOOK & LOOP system to the backing pad and start polishing .It takes mirror finish polishing to a new level .Removing the hassle of having to apply pastes and creams .With the BRIGHTEX® Berry polishing disc, you'll be able to complete the pre-polish and main polish stages in one operation .For removing any paste residues, we supply our fully non-scratch powder,BRIGHTEX® Softclean powder,used in conjunction with BRIGHTEX® non-scratch cloths for removing residue . Looking for the chrome-plated look? No problem. You can achieve an unrivaled extra shine – almost akin to chrome plating – with BRIGHTEX® Sun polishing paste and our yellow BRIGHTEX® Sun polishing products . Chrome-like mirror finish is guaranteed .If your workpiece is already scratched prior to polishing,you can pre-grind it using Trizact™ tools,for example,in A30/600 grit and then start immediately with BRIGHTEX® Berry! Whether you want to use belts,Fix discs or sleeves,all these are now available in the BRIGHTEX® polishing system .As a result,a mirror finish on tubes and pipes using pipe machining equipment,such as the PIPE MAX and PIPE SNIPER® is easier to achieve and brings better results . Likewise,for large surface areas you can fit our POLY- PTX® 800 linear grinding system or our GLADIUS® 1800 grinding sword with the respective BRIGHTEX® sleeves and belts .Eisenblätter flexibility is not only guaranteed but very easy to get hold of as well .All you need to do is ask . NEW PRODUCTS