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Eisenblätter Katalog 2016 GB

PIPE FIX SMART Mini pipe grinding system • 2/3 enclosure allows for complete grinding of the pipe from one working position • Machines small pipes and round bars of 9 to 30 mm diameter • New guide handle for controlling the enclosure of the pipe • Easy grinding of internal and the circumferences of bent pipes • Powerful drive motor • Ideal for pipe diameters of 9 – 30 mm • Infinitely adjustable speed by means of a knurled setting wheel • Clever automatic shut-down:Prevents overloads and returns back to power • Small,practical pipe grinding and polishing tool • Infinite setting of belt length without tools using adjustable clamp • Balanced grinding to reduce strain on the user • Ergonomic,vibration-damping handle with 5 settings (design copyright) • Very sturdy design for professional use FEATURES Powerful grinding tool that saves time,space,is easy to operate and is ideal for machining thin round pipes,for example in the production of rails .Complete grinding of thin pipes possible from one working position .Even ideal for use on closed pipe constructions . 178 POWER TOOLS