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Eisenblätter Katalog 2016 GB

18 EISENBLÄTTER NEW PRODUCTS MAGNUM® Cool Top® 8 Legendary quality is now even better! 100 % PURE ZIRCONIUM ON A 100 % COTTON BACKING The MAGNUM® Cool Top® is now a familiar flap disc from Eisenblätter. After all, It wouldn't be like us not to keep honing our standard of quality. Improved performance – and not only in continuous operation or in the formulation .100 % pure zirconium on a 100 % cotton backing .All with food-grade,special plastic backing plates which can be trimmed – that's what makes the MAGNUM® range by Eisenblätter a legend .This versatile technology with its outstanding benefits is only available from us due to our worldwide patented manufacturing process .Under the brand name of MAGNUM® Cool Top® 8,this flap disc has a significantly wider range of applications on most types of steel .It delivers a 30 % improvement in performance compared to the Cool Top® 5 .A cooler,reduced grinding temperature and the cooling agents incorporated in the binding provide for good metal grinding conditions while working . As a result,there is no heat discolouration .The high degree of elasticity prevents vibration and noise .Both discs – MAGNUM® Cool Top® 8 and 5 – can of course be supplied,and so we're able to cover all customer requirements to the full extent .The proven flexible backing plate (fibre glass-free!) allows smooth and "softer" blending to be achieved .This in turn drastically reduces the finishing work required .The MAGNUM® Cool Top® 8 can be trimmed which allows virtually all of the abrasive fabric to be used and in turn results in major time and cost savings .In high-performance and continuous oper- ation applications in shipyards and steel construction, only MAGNUM® quality flap discs can deliver this .There's simply no alternative . SEE PAGE 38 FOR MORE DETAILS. Cut & Polish (S/C) Fleece Wheel CREATE A SATIN FINISH FAST For the first time, Eisenblätter has introduced a new type of fleece wheel which allows the recognized standard stainless steel finish to be achieved lightning fast in 240 to 280 grit with intense and bright shiny grinding results. Due to the extremely high grit content combined with a silicon carbide grit mix,you can accomplish this recognised satin finish very quickly on a range of stainless steel .It is possible to work directly on the bare sheet metal of untreated stainless steel surfaces with no scratches .Any oxide layers will be quickly removed by the high grit content .This produces a very attractive-looking bright-shining effect .Can also be used for other metals, such as non-ferrous metals . SEE PAGE 119 FOR MORE DETAILS.