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Eisenblätter Katalog 2016 GB

GLADIUS® 1800 The multipurpose grinding sword – belt grinder,surface grinder,belt polisher, deburring tool and wood processor in one! • The design of the GLADIUS allows machining processes to be undertaken that were previously impossible • Grinds smoothly and without jumping on both sides of the sword • Long,sword-shaped,belt arm for processing previously inaccessible areas • Allows sharp-edged grinding operations to be easily carried out in corners of metal constructions • For mobile and stationary use:optional equipment stand turns the machine into a bench-mounted device for precision working (e .g .deburring,bevelling) • Even round rods of widely differing diameters can be given smooth surfaces in the shortest possible time • The world’s most powerful drive motor in its class and size ensures top quality working results,even for continuous operation • Ideal for all metals,wood and plastics FEATURES De-rusting,removal of scale and cleaning of surfaces in the shortest possible time without rounding edges .Hollow constructions can be ground out due to the unique shape of the Gladius .Large contact surface produces perfect,uniform flat grinding and is perfect for high quality deburring at a wide variety of angles (bevel grinding) .Even round rods can be given smooth surfaces in a short amount of time . 186 POWER TOOLS