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Eisenblätter Katalog 2016 GB

With the MINI MAX ® PRO,Eisenblätter now has a vastly improved grinder in its range .It is ideally suited for the use of mini grinders,such as shaft tools (fleece,mix, flap wheels),or Eisenblätter's own MINI FIX Hook & Loop system or Roloc™ .A considerably more compact design, the drive arm has made the machine smaller and easier to use .A newly developed clamping process for shaft tools provides an even more compact form,which greatly simplifies grinding jobs in normally inaccessible places . As a result,this also improves the grinding results for your surfaces .Benefits and more benefits . The new clamping system allows the shaft to be com- pletely inserted through the drive axle which significantly extends the range of applications for workpieces with tight angles or in housing recesses .A flexible shaft can also be secured by the clamping flange and thus serves as the drive source for your "finest work" .MINI MAX® PRO has a high-performance 850-watt motor and,like all Eisenblätter originals,an infiniteley adjustable range of speed . SEE PAGE 106 FOR MORE DETAILS. 20 EISENBLÄTTER WHEN SPACE IS AT A PREMIUM! Stainless steel cover protects users from grinding particles Adjustable 5-position handle – also for left-handed users Very sturdy,ergonomic and adjustable extension arm milled from solid aluminium and therefore particularly resilient Infinitely adjustable speed control Push-through axle for securing the shaft is a compact and space-saving feature Spindle lock for easy tool change Extremely compact,easy to use,variable-speed high performance motor for professional use Balanced handle with cellular foam allows for clean and vibration-free manual guidance in straight lines of all tools NEW PRODUCTS MINI MAX® PRO Perfectly adjusts to the surface!