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Eisenblätter Katalog 2016 GB

• Easy to operate without prior knowledge • Value-for-money replacement tool with an extremely long service life (one disc can often be used for months) • NEW:Suction flange for industrial extractors supplied as standard (internal diameter 35 mm) • Bevelling can be undertaken with workpieces from 2 .5 mm in thickness ROLEI PEF 500 for facets of 30° – 45° – 60° Very sturdy precision deburring and bevelling tool for all materials from stainless steel to aluminium .Bevel angle can be set and bevel width is infinitely adjustable (precision setting by means of knurled division) .The bevel width can be adjusted precisely using a hand wheel .Parts are bevelled by perfect cross-hatched grinding and with absolutely no counter-burr .The disc wear is adjusted using a hand wheel with a threaded spindle .The facet angle is adjusted using a motorised system . Suction flange is also avalable for common industrial extractors . 200 STATIONARY MACHINES