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Eisenblätter Katalog 2016 GB

• Easy to operate (even by support staff) • 2 speeds available (600 and 1200 rpm) • Powerful 380 volt three-phase motor for continuous use • Wear-free aluminium transmission with spindle mounts for replacement tools • 1 set (2 pces) grinding flap wheels deburrs approx . 2000 m of sheet stainless steel • Replacement tools are easy to change • Suction flange for industrial extractor (internal diameter 35 mm) now supplied as standard • Wear-free,hardened guide rail (infinitely adjustable) ROLEI BE 5 Sheet Metal Deburring Machine FEATURES The ideal workbench or free-standing tool for the lightning fast deburring of all metals (incl .stainless steel) on both sides up to approx .5 mm sheet thickness in one operation . IMPROVED ROLEI BE 5 deburring tool can also be used on its side with a roller table for larger sections of sheet metal. 204 STATIONARY MACHINES Sheet metal with burr after cutting Deburring of the sheet edges on both sides Does not change the sheet dimensions!