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Eisenblätter Katalog 2016 GB

ANGLE-GRINDING – CIRCULAR GRINDING 27 GRINDING AND BLENDING EISENBLÄTTER FLAP DISCS Simply superb Material removal,grinding quality and service life:for performance and a long service life – as well as the optimum grit composition to make the abrasive cloth – what you need above all is the right combination of flexible backing,flap angle,hard compression and gluing system . Green and completely safe At Eisenblätter,we attach the greatest value to user-friendly products and our green credentials when selecting our raw materials:we won't touch glass fibre,mineral fibres and epoxy resins but use sustainable and renewable raw materials for producing our flap discs .Right from the start,we've used food- grade special plastics for our backing plates .The development of the natural fibre compound backing plate has been an important contribution by Eisenblätter to conserving resources and reducing pollution .Another major contribution to safety, performance,service life and user-friendly products is the patented production process with its flexible anchoring of the abrasive cloth flaps which reduces vibration and noise considerably . Unique, revolutionary production process To meet the demands for high quality that we place on our flap discs,we've had to develop totally new production technologies .Eisenblätter flap discs do not have to be cured in temperatures of up to 140 °C . With the Eisenblätter process,the necessary moisture remains in the abrasive cloth which means that it does not dry out and therefore cannot shred prematurely during grinding operations .The anchoring of the grinding flaps remains flexible which considerably reduces the noise generated and the vibration .In contrast to other manufacturing processes,the grinding flaps on Eisenblätter flap discs are compressed with the backing plate across their entire surface area throughout the curing process to produce a firm,compact grinding disc which is stable when exposed to vibration .This also supports the grinding grit and holds it securely .The service life of the grinding discs is therefore increased enormously . Tests and continuous operation trials provide quality assurance and the perfect conditions for new advanced developments. The grinding discs are tested to ensure that they can withstand the required speeds on centrifugal force testing machines .The equipment is able to test the discs at speeds of 30,000 rpm . Continuous operation grinding tests are conducted on specially developed robotic systems and measure the material removal and service life of the flap discs .This is also where the suitability of new abrasive cloths is tested and the grinding properties on the materials for grinding are established . Flap Discs UNRIVALED IN TECHNOLOGY AND PERFORMANCE At the end of the 70s,Eisenblätter developed the first zirconium-based flap disc for high speed angle grinders .Our high quality standards and innovative strength have been setting the standards ever since and have been a critical factor in the development of flap discs . With 40 years' experience in the manufacture of flap discs,we have unrivaled technology and are now one of the biggest manufacturers in the world .In terms of material removal, service life and grinding quality,Eisenblätter flap discs are among the elite in the world .