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Eisenblätter Katalog 2016 GB

28 GRINDING AND BLENDING TRIMFIX® backing plates – natural fibre instead of fibre glass Visually,it is similar to a fibre glass backing but it has numerous advantages: • Viscoelastic – and therefore a larger grinding area • Environmentally friendly due to containing CO2-neutral natural fibre material • 100 % self-trimming • Reduced dust emissions/no fibre glass dust generated • Heat insulation properties • Ultra-safe to work with • Outstanding value for money • Resistant to most chemicals • Lower grinding temperature • Great elastic properties Grinds down to the last millimetre Backing plates made of natural fibre compound trim themselves during the grinding process .When the backig plate is trimmed it has as pleasant wood chip smell . Flap discs with natural fibre compound backing plate can be used right down to the last millimeter .Trimming leaves soft, harmless shavings which can be disposed of as household waste . Smart Discs. More Benefits. Flap discs with natural fibre compound backing plates have damping and elastic properties which enhances their performance in grinding operations . This elasticity of the backing plate allows for better adjustment and a larger contact surface area on the workpiece .The larger contact area allows higher material removal and better heat dissipation .Cooler grinding is important because it means the workpiece does not tarnish as easily and the abrasive cloth does not burn . Strength and safety with FEM Natural fibre is extremely tear-resistant due to the fibre structure,as it is low in weight and provides maximum heat insulation .Backing plates made from natural fibre are designed using the Finite Element Method (FEM),this is so we can have outstanding strength and safety using the minimum amount of materials .All flap discs with natural fibre high-tech compound backing plates have been tested by materials testing agency,MPA Hanover .The flap discs are approved under DIN EN 13743 for speeds of up to 80 m/sec . Natural Fibre Compound Flap discs with natural fibre compound backing plate ONLY FROM EISENBLÄTTER! Here at Eisenblätter,we're particularly proud of our development and manufacture of high-tech flap discs .As one of the global pioneers of this product,we have set ourselves the mission for more than 40 years of helping people and their tools achieve the best possible results using modern and unrivaled raw materials . EISENBLÄTTER FLAP DISCS