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Eisenblätter Katalog 2016 GB

TRIMFIX® BLACK MAMBA® Probably the strongest flap disc in the world on steel! Suitable for STEEL · STAINLESS STEEL • High-performance flap disc provides an exceptionally long service life and material removal on steel and stainless steel • Newly developed pure zirconium fabric with cooling agents for guaranteed cool grinding and performance throughout its full service life • Sets new performance standards with a nominal removal rate in excess of 4 kg of steel (depending on size and grit) • Blending is particularly soft due to optimum adjustment to the workpiece • Natural fibre compound backing plate is kind to the environment and to users (CO2-neutral) • Natural fibre backing plate minimises odours and has a vibration damping effect • Backing plate can be fully trimmed – entire disc can be used FEATURES The TRIMFIX® BLACK MAMBA® is a high-performance flap disc for steel .It is designed to provide an extremely long service life and deliver exceptional material removal for steel machining operations .The newly developed pure zirconium cloth with cooling agents make it ideal for machining all grades of steel through to stainless steel .The backing plate is made of natural fibre and is kind to users and the environment while adjusting flexibly to the workpiece,thus guaranteeing smooth blending transitions . As the TRIMFIX® BLACK MAMBA® can be trimmed,significant savings can be made in tool costs .Up to 4 kg of steel can be removed using just one Ø 125 mm grit 40 disc . 32 FLAP DISCS GRINDING AND BLENDING