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Eisenblätter Katalog 2016 GB

BLUE SHARK® Elastic Highly flexible flap disc with zirconium cooling layers for extra smooth and flat finishes,ideally suited for use in sheet metal working,for example,and has a particularly long service life and superb cooling effect . Suitable for STEEL · CAST IRON · STAINLESS STEEL • Highly flexible,durable flap disc with a low overall height • For exceptionally smooth and flat finishes,such as when surface grinding large constructs • The high elasticity of the backing plate allows the grind- ing disc to adjust superbly to the workpiece surface . The effective contact surface area is larger,ensuring that the rate of heat dissipation is considerably greater • Prevents discolouration of workpiece to a large extent • Ideal for grinding sheet metal due to its cooler grinding behavior • Backing plate made from specially developed food-grade,flexible plastic,flexible design,easy to trim and has a damping effect on vibration • Markedly longer service life compared to conventional flap discs FEATURES 46 FLAP DISCS GRINDING AND BLENDING