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Eisenblätter Katalog 2016 GB

TIGER SHARK® Elastic Highly flexible flap disc with a top quality special corundum compound and cooling effect for smooth and even grinding finishes .Ideal for grinding aluminium . Suitable for ALUMINIUM · STEEL · NON-FERROUS METALS • Grinding disc does not smear when grinding aluminium • TIGER SHARK® + ALU-FIX ÖL result in up to 300 % more material removal capacity and three times longer service life • Visibly better grinding results • Highly flexible backing plate adjusts to the workpiece . • High material removal capacity at a reduced grinding temperature • Specially developed corundum abrasive cloth • Superb grinding performance at low tool cost • Ideal for curved surfaces,for example,in car bodywork, motor vehicle workshops and railway carriage construction • Backing plate made from specially developed food-grade,flexible plastic,flexible design,easy to trim and has a damping effect on vibration FEATURES Bild neu 48 FLAP DISCS GRINDING AND BLENDING