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Eisenblätter Katalog 2016 GB

TRIMFIX® Fleece Flap 1FOR2 2 operations with one disc:weld seam removal and fine grinding in one operation (e .g .on stainless steel pipes) Suitable for ALL METALS · WOOD The newly developed SC (surface-conditioning) fleece fabric by Eisenblätter allows weld seams and spot welds on stainless steel pipes and similar to be removed,while delivering fine grinding and clean and“soft”blends .These benefits were previously only available by using two-component flap discs (SC fleece and abrasive fabric) but the potential disadvantage was uneven wear of the flaps and therefore variable results .With the worldwide first,TRIMFIX® Fleece Flap 1FOR2®,on the other hand,has a more uniform result and can be achieved with significant potential savings . • Ideal for gently leveling weld seams on pipes • For removing edges,cast cleaning,etc . • For coarse and fine grinding jobs in one operation • Effortlessly removes scale due to its open grit structure • Uniform results • Ideal for entry into ultra-fine grinding • Easy and clean removal of medium-depth scratches and other damage • Cheaper than comparable two-component discs • "Soft" blends achieved with cool grinding behaviour (no discolouration) • Natural fibre compound backing plate is kind to the environment and to users (CO2-neutral) FEATURES Technical Data: Dimensions (mm) Ideal speed (rpm) Max. speed (rpm) Approved for (DIN EN 13743) Backing plate Ideal for Pkg. unit Grit (Fleece) Grit (K) Colour (Fleece) Article number Ø 125 x 22 .2 2,000 – 5,000 12,200 80 m/sec Natural fibre Variable-speed angle grinders 10 1FOR2 (extra coarse) 40 Green 96740 FREE OF FIBRE GLASS NATURAL FIBRE HOLZ WOOD ANGLE-GRINDING – CIRCULAR GRINDING 55 FINISHING AND FINE GRINDING Ø 125 x 22 .22,000 – 5,00012,20080 m/sec Natural fibre Variable-speed