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Eisenblätter Katalog 2016 GB

MAGNUM® Poly Magic Wheel A revolution for mirror polishing in corners . Suitable for ALL METALS Dimensions (mm) Ideal speed (rpm) Max. speed (rpm) Approved for (DIN EN 13743) Material thickness (mm) Backing plate Ideal for Application Pkg. unit Grit (K) Article number Ø 165 x 22 .2 3,000 – 4,000 5,700 30 m/sec 6 Special flexible plastic Variable-speed angle grinders Pre-Polishing (A) 5 80 96720 Polishing (B) 5 900 96721 FREE OF FIBRE GLASS Technical Data: • For fine grinding and polishing to a mirror finish in corners • Saves a considerable amount of working time and replaces expensive manual labor,particularly in balustrade and hand-rail production where corner welds are often used • Produces a flawless mirror finish in only two steps without the need for polishing pastes or creams • With considerably more abrasive than conventional "unitized wheels and discs" • Highly compressed fleece disc produced in an optimised production process using compressed individual flaps reinforced by foam impregnation • Can be used on many variable-speed angle grinders, such as the VARILEX® WSF 1800 • Backing plate made from specially developed food-grade,flexible plastic:easy to trim and has a damping effect on vibration FEATURES How to use: 1 .Pre-grind and level finer weld seams using the red MAGNUM® Poly Magic Wheel,A grit (80) . 2 .Polish to a flawless mirror finish using the grey MAGNUM® Poly Magic Wheel,B grit (900) . Use the side of the disc only! ANGLE-GRINDING – CIRCULAR GRINDING 59 FINISHING AND FINE GRINDING Ø 165 x 22 .23,000 – 4,0005,70030 m/sec 6 Special Pre-Polishing (A) 58096720 Polishing (B) 590096721