Eco Smart, State of the Art

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Cheaper, Fast and Easy to change accessories. Exclusive system sold only by 111 Abrasives Australia.

The system allows for various finishes, from coarse to very fine, from satin finishing to mirror polishing. The newly develoved ingenious abrasives mounting system allows grinding and polishing wheels to be changed in seconds without any tools. The grinding rollers and brushes are simply slid on to the finned rigid rubber shaft and are then secured automatically when the machine runs.

The eco-smart adapter can be taken off to attach tools which require a 19mm double key-way shaft, you are not locked into the system but always have the option to use it. This system, combining the power, high torque, ease of use and variable speed features of the Poly PTX 800 and the attributes of the eco-smart system described before enables users to efficiently and easily complete jobs to a professional level of quality.

Eco-Smart Set

Get started with the Poly-PTX 800 Metal Set to try out this system for yourself! For more information on the set click here