STILL using a glass fibre backed flap disc?

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Did you know that almost all flap disc backings are coming from China? Even most European manufacturers are using these Chinese made backings for their discs. We stand out by supplying only Eisenblätter discs. They manufacture their own backing plates from high quality materials with NO GLASS FIBRE.

Glass fibre backings are inferior for several reasons:

The backing is not flexible, unlike ours which adjusts to the workpiece.

Is not trimmable, which means it simply doesn’t last compared to ours where all the abrasive material can be utilised.

Glass fibre is also an irritant to the skin and to the lungs, our discs use food grade ABS plastic or a natural fibre compound instead which is also carbon neutral.

With all these advancements over competitors you may be also surprised to hear we are more cost-effective as well. Our discs save time and increases efficiency by removing material faster and lasts longer.

Our flap disc range

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