MAGNUM® Decofinish®

In Cleaning

New compact-fleece sensation full of revolutionary features

Product Overview

  • Optimal solution for all metals (stainless steel, steel, non-ferrous metals, etc.), hard plastic and wood
  • Finest finish while removing scratches, small welds and weld-spots
  • Perfect removal of paint-, rust- and oxyde-layers while leaving a top finish
  • Open-pored, tough compact-fleece with highest service life (does not clog)
  • Cool grinding without discolorations
  • Perfect attachment to the workpiece due to its elasticity
  • Comes with an integrated M14 thread

Due to the open-pored construction, a very fine and decorative surface finish can be achieved very quick on all metals, on hard plastic and wood as well. Depending on the working pressure, thin welds, weld-spots or deep scratches can be removed. The very fine surface finish you achieved, can immediately be brought to a perfect mirror finish by using polishing discs like for example the BRIGHTEX polishing system. With this you save a lot of time-consuming grinding- and polishing-steps. Even thick layers of primer, filler and paint on car body parts will be removed to the bare metal. The metal surface then is that fine, that you immediately can re-spray. Also rust and oxide-layers can´t spoil the final result due to MAGNUM DecoFinish. This new compact-fleece can be used universal and very versatile. It is extremely tough and durable, does not clog and grants a perfect contact to the workpiece and smooth transitions, due to its elasticity and cooling effects. The MAGNUM DecoFinish surely is one of the most modern compact-fleece developments on the world-market.

Tech Specs

Ø 125 x M14 2,000 – 4,500 5,000 Natural Fibre Variable-Speed
Angle Grinders
5 96725