Grinds Like Hell

Finishes Like Heaven


  • All Metals – One disc for all metals in hybrid 40/60 grit.


  • Natural Fibre – Fibreglass free, C02 neutral, flexible backing.


  • Trimmable – Allows the user to use up 100% of the abrasive reducing waste.


  • Made in Germany – In Geretsried, Germany by Eisenblaetter.

Patented Natural Fibre Backing

Cooler Grinding

A standard fibreglass disc, which is rigid and runs hotter. This discolours the workpiece meaning more work later on.

Our patented Eisenblaetter flap discs are flexible and can dissipate heat much faster. Allowing more contact area with the workpiece and cooler grinding

TRIMFIX Hellfire

Technical Specification​

Diameter: 125 x 22.2mm

Abrasive: Grit 40/60 Hybrid Ceramic

Backing: Natural Fibre

Max Speed: 12200 rpm

Ideal Speed: 6000-8000 rpm

Approved for 80m/s (DIN EN 13743)