Flap discs, manufactured in Germany by Eisenblaetter are made of superior materials, ensuring quality, service life and performance. Our entire flap disc contain NO glass fibre. Allowing our discs to be trimmed, using the whole flap disc not just the outside flaps and throwing it away. We have three different types of backing, our first is the ABS plastic backing, used on such discs as the Magnum Cool Top. This type of backing is also flexible allowing users to increase the contact area, decreasing the grinding temperature and therefore increasing performance. Next is our special hemp fibre backing as used on the Plantex flap discs. This backing is on the forefront of environmental innovation in our industry. It has no adverse effects on performance, being extremely heat resistant and durable and even has a pleasant woodchip smell while being trimmed. The latest is our natural fibre backing, as demonstrated on our Trimfix range. It looks as though it is a conventional glass fibre disc, however, it contains natural fibre not glass fibre and also has the flexible properties of the ABS plastic backing.