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Berry + Sun

Product Overview

    • For reconditioning surfaces that are mirror-polished mechanically
    • Ideal for use with polishing machines and hand-held polishing tools
    • For best results, use Eisenblätter care and cleaning products for removing polish residues
    • With centring hole for backing plates with centring pins
    • Completely new high-tech paste formulation for metals


For the first time, the pre-polish and main polishing steps can be completed using just one BRIGHTEX® paste (Berry)! This has been made possible by a completely new formulation and as a result, it only takes a few moments to polish stainless steel parts to mirror finish. The yellow BRIGHTEX® Sun paste finally creates an even brighter high gloss shine – almost as if it’s chrome plated. Both pastes can be used on SuperPolish & Felt discs, belts and sleeves. The process is to apply the paste onto the disc while running at a low speed ensuring it is completely covered. This process can be repeated several times. The pastes can also be used in addition to the new BRIGHTEX® polishing system (impregnated polishing discs, belts and sleeves) to “top up” the polishing paste as required.

  • for applying a rapid high-gloss polish to all metals
  • Pre-polish and main polish in one – saves additional working steps
  • For immediate use without the need for additional pastes and creams!
  • BRIGHTEX® Sun:

  • A mirror shine that’s almost as if chrome-plated – the perfect finish
  • For a final high gloss shine on polished metals

Tech Specs

Brightex® Berry Pre and Main Polish Approx. 1,100 Superpolish 1 40025
Brightex® Sun Final Polish Approximately. 1,300 Top Finish 1 40026