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MAGNUM Cool Top 5+

The legendary, original MAGNUM® high-performance flap disc with extremely high fabric content for extremely long service life Special on the legendary Magnum Cooltop 115mm Grit 80 & 178mm Grit 60 Flap Discs!

From: $8.75

TRIMFIX Hellfire Flap Disc

The TRIMFIX® Hellfire® is one of the most modern and versatile flap discs in the world. Due to its unparalleled innovative ceramic hybrid technology, all metals can be machined in record time with just one grit.

$6.55 ea

FIX Cool Top

From: $8.42

FIX Cool Top

High tech flap disc with Cool Top® pure zirconium abrasive fabric.

From: $8.42


Special high-performance cutting disc for thin-walled profiles and pipes and premium quality job.

MAGNUM Fillet Weld

High-performance flap disc with great flap overhang – a problem-solver in corners


Highly flexible flap disc with cooling effect for smooth, flat grinding surfaces – ideal for machining aluminium.

From: $7.65

MAGNUM Fleece Top

For metalworking jobs such as grinding, fine grinding, smoothing and polishing and removing oxides, scratches, rust, burrs and paint. Also cleans and smooths wood and plastics.

FIX SC Fleece Disc

Technical surface conditioning fleece ideally suited to deburring, fine grinding, and removing oxide layers on metals and other materials. Hook & Loop backing to use with FIX Backing pads

From: $6.66


The TRIMFIX® BLACK MAMBA® is a high-performance flap disc for steel. It is designed to deliver extremely long service life and exceptional material removal for modern steel machining operations. The newly developed pure zirconium cloth with cooling agents and great abrasive content makes it ideal for machining all grades of steel up to stainless steel. The backing plate is made of natural fibre and is environmentally and user-friendly while adjusting flexibly to the workpiece, guaranteeing smooth grinding transitions. The TRIMFIX® BLACKMAMBA® can be trimmed, allowing significant tool cost saving. Up to 4 kg of steel can be removed using just one BLACK MAMBA® Ø 125 mm grit 40 disc.

From: $8.14


The open-pore hard nylon cloth with grinding grit fits well to all workpieces, does not smear up, and leaves behind a bright surface like that expected from sand-blasting, without changing dimensional tolerance (even thin sheet metal can be easily machined). 125mm x M14 Thread

$16.89 ea


High-tech ceramic fibre disc with significantly more self-sharpening edges due its ultra-fine grit and crystal structure and a corresponding material removal rate that greatly exceeds that of conventional fibre discs.

From: $2.86

PLANTEX Cool Top Special Edition

Since Eisenblätter launched the first flap disc with pure zirconium cloth for high-speed angle grinders at the end of the 1970s, it has repeatedly had innovative ideas that decisively influenced the development of the flap disc. Natural fibre compound is an ideal material for backing plates. With the development of this new manufacturing technique, PLANTEX® Cool Top® Universal became the first flap disc in the world with a backing plate of renewable hemp. Check out the special edition flap discs for a very special price!

FIX Clean Disc

From: $12.54

FIX Clean Disc

Cleans and removes pore-deep paint, rust, scale and dirt on all materials. Similar effect to sand-blasting; as it cleans without removing material. Ideal for car bodywork, the automotive industry, shipyards and renovation work by commercial decorators and builders.

From: $12.54

FIX Trizact™ Disc

New type of abrasive cloth with pyramid-shaped grit structure and additional heat-insulating layer. Saves on several operating steps and has high material removal with very fine results while removing scratches and spot welds. Ideal pre-polishing for subsequent mirror-finish polishing. Leaves very minor surface roughness. Use with FIX Soft Dampening Adaptor or FIX Soft Backing Pad. DIMENSIONS (MM) IDEAL SPEED (RPM) MAX. SPEED […]

From: $10.29

MAGNUM DecoFinish

The open-pore design achieves especially fine, decorative results on all metals, hard plastics, and wood. Fine weld seams, spot welds, and deep scratches can be directly removed at the same time, depending on contact pressure. 125mm x M14 Thread

$26.57 ea

115mm Flap Disc Test Pack

Save 15% buying the test pack!

New Client Special Offer

10% Off

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