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FIX SuperPolish Discs

For fast mirror finish polishing

From: $7.92

FIX Felt Disc

From: $7.59

FIX Felt Disc

For fast mirror finish polishing

From: $7.59

MAGNUM Poly Magic Wheel

For fine grinding and mirror-finish polishing in corners. Saves lots of working time and replaces expensive manual labour, particularly in balustrade and hand-rail production, which often involves corner welds.

From: $42.35

FIX Zirconium

From: $1.27

FIX Zirconium

Zirconium fibre disc with outstanding results for coarse grinding and pre-polishing. Levels weld seams and removes scratches. Ideal for work on car bodies and in motor vehicle workshops

From: $1.27


Polishing material that is already impregnated with BRIGHTEX® polishing paste removes the hassle and time-consuming business of applying pastes and creams to give untreated material a shadow-free mirror finish.

From: $17.88


The combination disc allows cutting and rough grinding with a single product. It is indispensable during jobs where workers are constantly changing discs over. Ideally suited for alternating cutting and grinding applications.

$3.08 ea


This high-performance cutting disc is remarkable for its high precision, aggressive cutting speed, and extremely long service life.

$3.19 ea

MAGNUM FLEXO Grinding Disc

The outstanding features of this universal rough grinding disc are its great aggressiveness, long service life, and material removal performance. Ideal for stainless steel. Best suited for difficult deburring jobs.

$5.17 ea

TRIMFIX® Fleece Flap

Highly elastic SC fleece flap disc – ideal fine machining of weld seams.


The quality flap disc with its revolutionary TRIMFIX® backing plate technology is equipped with high-tech zirconium fabric for first-rate grinding results at an unbeatable price for this superb quality. The viscoelastic backing plate of natural fibre compound allows the disc to adapt perfectly to the workpiece surface. Available in all commonly used sizes and grits, it is a universal aid you can rely on. Special on all Zircopur 115mm Flap Discs!

From: $4.35

PLANTEX Cool Top Universal

Since Eisenblätter launched the first flap disc with pure zirconium cloth for high-speed angle grinders at the end of the 1970s, it has repeatedly had innovative ideas that decisively influenced the development of the flap disc. Natural fibre compound is an ideal material for backing plates. With the development of this new manufacturing technique, PLANTEX® Cool Top® Universal became the first flap disc in the world with a backing plate of renewable hemp. Special on PLANTEX 115mm Grit 60 Flap Discs!

From: $5.45


The HellFire® Heavy-Duty flap discs exceed all previous removal rates for conventional flap discs for all metals. The newly developed high-torque VARILEX® 1802 HT angle grinder greatly shortens work time and reduces labour costs. Article Number: 91331

$9.63 ea

Heavy Duty Zirconium Discs

Grinding Discs made from top quality zirconium abrasive cloth. For removing deep scratches, rust, scale and spot welds.

From: $1.07


Newly designed cleaning wheel with intermediate abrasive flap layers. For an enhanced cleaning effect and longer disc service life. Open, elastic CLEAN material pores prevent the grinding disc from clogging and achieve a sand-blast-like effect on metal. 125mm x M14 Thread

$40.54 ea


The coordinated combination of abrasive flaps alternating with compressed fleece produces a much better grinding performance, longer service life, and fine grinding results. For preparatory grinding and fine grinding of spot welds and deep scratches on stainless steel, steel and non-ferrous metals; also great for finely deburring perforated sheet metal and reworking corners. 125 x 22.2mm

$30.20 ea


Cleans and smooths stainless steel or steel weld seam surfaces quickly, harmonises and smooths weld seams, and gives them the same perfect, high-level gloss – even in corners. 125mm x M14 Thread

$29.65 ea
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