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FIX AluPolish

From: $7.21

FIX AluPolish

Suitable for aluminium and non-ferrous metals. For use with FIX Special Backing Pad and Soft damping adapter only

From: $7.21


Highly flexible flap disc with zirconium cooling layers for extra smooth and flat finishes, ideally suited for use in sheet metal working, for example, and has a particularly long service life and superb cooling effect.

From: $6.55


Removes the coarsest dirt and crusting from all surfaces and metals (such as vehicle undercarriages and ship subframes). Cleans cement or casting compound residue from bricks and ceramic tiles. 125mm x M14 Thread

$20.08 ea


In order to counter the growing pressure of labour costs, Eisenblätter is launching a new generation of flap discs for steel machining based on 45 years of experience in developing cutting-edge grinding tools. This revolutionary product was developed especially for high-performance areas in steel construction and civil engineering: anywhere where it is important to work effectively in the shortest possible time. The special formulation with hybrid grit technology and patented arrangement of abrasive cloth ensures material removal rates that were unimaginable a short time ago.

From: $5.45


Revolutionary special fleece.

From: $13.20

MFW 600


MFW 600

Applications for this product Light grinding and deburring Matte or Satin Finishing Features of this product Can be used on steel, stainless steel and non-ferrous metals Ideal to use with a fillet grinder Generally used after flap discs to finish the surface Why Choose This Product Made in Italy Provides a very consistent finish due […]


Quick-change mini zirconium flap disc

MINI FIX Clean Disc

The cleaning disc with a sand-blasting effect

$7.21 ea

MINI FIX Trizact™ Disc

Requires the use of the MINI FIX backing pad with damping adapter

MINI FIX SC Fleece Disc

For use with the MINI FIX backing pad

MINI FIX Felt Disc

First-rate merino felt for a rapid mirror finish

$6.00 ea

MINI FIX SuperPolish Disc

Requires the use of the damping adapter

$4.24 ea


Revolutionary special fleece.

PINLOC Trizact™ Disc

New type of abrasive cloth with pyramid-shaped grit structure

From: $4.02
Out of stock
Out of stock

PINLOC Clean Disc

Cleans and removes pore-deep paint, rust, scale, and dirt on all materials. 60mm diameter.

$4.79 ea
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