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POLY PTX 800 Machine

The original Linear Grinder, Sander and Polisher

$1,131.35 ea

POLY PTX 800 Metal Set

Complete solutions for a wide range of jobs

$1,566.95 ea

POLY PTX 800 Professional Set

Complete solutions for a wide range of jobs

$1,996.50 ea
Out of stock
Out of stock

POLY PTX 800 Wood Set

Complete solutions for a wide range of jobs

$1,687.95 ea

VARILEX WSF 1800 Machine

Robust, extremely powerful one-handed angle grinder with 1,750-watt output for challenging continuous operation at high torques. Article Number: 65000

$665.50 ea

VARILEX® 1000 Basic Set

Professional, compact, variable-speed, one-handed angle grinder for universal application – lightweight and powerful. The Swiss Army Knife of angle grinders for a wide variety of application areas.

$598.95 ea

VARILEX 1802 HT Basic Set

Since the “ceramic age” of flap discs, and indeed of fibre, cutting, and rough grinding discs, the performance demands on hand-held electrical devices (angle grinders, etc.) have grown enormously. Most devices can’t stand up to this added friction and contact pressure over the long haul. Grinders overheat quickly, switch off automatically, or the rotor and field coil burn through in no time. Eisenblätter has met this challenge by refining its ceramic flap discs and variable-speed angle grinder under the VARILEX® brand. Effective immediately, the new VARILEX® 1802 HT (high torque) meets all performance demands of cutting-edge ceramic grinding discs of all kinds. Article Number: 65031

$719.95 ea

VARILEX® WSF 1100 Machine

The VARILEX® 1100 is ideal for one and two-hand work.

$481.58 ea


Extremely compact and powerful pipe belt sander for easy and fatigue-free sanding, satin finishing or polishing of round pipes.

$2,414.50 ea

PIPE MAX 802 HT Basic Set

The newly developed planetary gear distributes traction across three additional gear wheels in a sophisticated arrangement. This dramatically improves durability and pulling power. Significantly improved airflow technology with turbofan, strongly enclosed rotor and field coil, and the new DUST PREVENT SYSTEM add up to a powerhouse in search of an equal.

$1,875.50 ea

PIPE SNIPER 802 HT Basic Set

Robust, balanced hand-held machine for quick pipe machining with a high-quality, milled lever system that immediately encloses 2/3 of the diameter of the pipe to be machined! This means that, for the first time, the entire pipe diameter can be ground and polished from a single working position! Very precise, stable mechanism of high-quality milled aluminium.

$2,722.50 ea

BAND-IT Belt Filing Basic Set

Eisenblätter introduces the newly developed, especially compact, powerful, high-quality flat filing machine equipped with a new damping system.

$1,445.95 ea

ROLEI BE 5 Machine

The reliable and easy to operate double sided sheet metal deburring machine

$4,566.54 ea

MINI MAX PRO 1000 Basic Machine

Minimum size. Maximum versatility.

$1,450.79 ea


The new linear grinding machine POLY-PTX® AKKU HT (High Torque) represents a novelty in the area of battery-powered, hand-held grinding machines.

$2,176.79 ea

VARILEX Cordless 18V Basic Set

The newly developed VARILEX® Cordless 18V battery-powered angle grinder from Eisenblätter is a compact, manageable and a high-performance powerhouse. Its unusually long battery life makes it the ideal tool for building sites, assembly operations, and much more. It gives any user extreme flexibility, independence, and the ability to react quickly.

$935.00 ea
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