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BRIGHTEX Polishing Pastes

Polishing pastes for a mirror finish

From: $33.83

Polishing Pastes (Blue & White)

Classic Polishing pastes for a mirror finish

From: $9.63

Pink Polishing Cream

For mirror finish polishing on all metals.

From: $15.62

BRIGHTEX Microfibre Cloth

Much improved, ultra-soft microfibre cloth, free of seams for scratch-free cleaning of stainless steel surfaces and other decorative metals. Article Number: 40031

$4.79 ea

FIX SuperPolish Discs

For fast mirror finish polishing

From: $7.92

FIX Felt Disc

From: $7.59

FIX Felt Disc

For fast mirror finish polishing

From: $7.59

POLY PTX Felt Sleeve

First-class merino felt tube for quick mirror polishing of aluminum, non-ferrous metals and hard plastics with polishing pastes and cream.

$45.38 ea

POLY PTX Felt Belt

First-class merino felt belt with patented T-lock

$18.15 ea

SuperPolish Belt

Revolutionary special fleece. Used with polishing pastes and creams for a shiny mirror finish on stainless steel and non-ferrous metals which leaves no smears or shadows.  

From: $16.34

POLY PTX Cotton Ring

Cotton rings for polishing.

From: $7.87

BRIGHTEX Softclean Powder

Vastly improved cleaning powder

From: $23.60

FIX Cut Oil

New must-have for grinding aluminium

From: $11.50

Brilliance Clean

Streak-free cleaning of groundand unground metal surfaces

From: $9.63


Clean and Protect

From: $11.50

INOX Protect

The smartest way to protect and optically upgrade stainlesssteel – an absolute necessity for all stainless steel surfaces

From: $9.63
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