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POLY PTX Scrubby Wheel

The Scrubby wheel is a highly flexible abrasive wheel that easily conforms to uneven surfaces and is also ideal for deburring punched or laser cut sheet metal.

$82.89 ea

POLY PTX Fleece Wheel

Achieves an industrial finish (matt and satin) with no shadow . Also used for pre-polishing, removing oxide layers and smoothing “pre-ground” sheet metal and smoothing surfaces.

From: $34.49

POLY PTX Zirconium Sleeve

Grinding sleeve made from high quality zirconium abrasive cloth.

From: $4.24

POLY PTX Mix Wheel

Fleece and Abrasive cloth combi-wheel.

From: $40.54

POLY PTX Gum Wheel

This gum wheel is especially soft and contains silicon grit.

From: $76.23

POLY PTX Clean Wheel

Cleans and removes pore-deep paint, rust, scale, and dirt on all materials.

From: $78.65

POLY PTX Flap Wheel

Grinding flap wheel for surface grinding

From: $38.12

POLY PTX SC Fleece Sleeve

For removing oxide layers, deburring and fine grinding.

From: $11.50

POLY PTX Cut & Polish Fleece Wheel

With the Cut & Polish wheel you can even achieve a satin finish to untreated and scratch-free stainless steel surfaces with minimal preparation.

$118.58 ea


New type of abrasive cloth with pyramid-shaped grit structure.

From: $8.42

ROLEI BE 5 Flap Wheel

Replacement grinding flap wheels, 100% cotton quality, for great deburring. Cotton design ensures that the wheel can be used for a particularly wide range of applications and ideal employment of grinding tools.

POLY PTX Wire Wheel

Wire brush for steel. Stainless Steel wire wheel for use on Stainless to avoid impurities.

From: $30.25

POLY PTX Bristle Wheel

Grit-impregnated plastic wheel

From: $39.33

POLY PTX Eco Smart Fleece Wheel

Compact high-tech fleece wheel made from compressed nylon

From: $36.25

POLY PTX Eco Smart Mix Wheel

Fleece and abrasive flap combi-wheel Use with ECO Smart adapter

From: $36.25

MINI MAX Fleece Wheel

For matte finishes, fine grinding and removing oxide.

From: $10.84
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