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For sanding and removing tough coatings or paint from Australian Hardwood decks.


POLY PTX Felt Sleeve

First-class merino felt tube for quick mirror polishing of aluminum, non-ferrous metals and hard plastics with polishing pastes and cream.

$45.38 ea

POLY PTX Cotton Ring

Cotton rings for polishing.

From: $7.87

POLY PTX Felt Wheel

First-rate merino felt wheel made from continuous fully felt material with a vibration-damped sleeve. Article Number: 40017

$54.45 ea

POLY PTX BRIGHTEX Polishing Sleeve

For the first time, pre- and post polish in one step!

From: $21.18

POLY PTX Clean Mix Wheel

Cleaning wheel for quick and thorough descaling, derusting and deburring, with sanding lamella interlayers for a stronger cleaning effect than conventional cleaning rollers in just one work step. They are also ideal for removing zinc layers, drips and imperfections after galvanizing, as well as for roughening the surface for a subsequent powder coating. Due to the open, elastic fabric pores of the CLEAN material, the grinding wheel does not become clogged and achieves a “sandblasting effect” on metal.

$151.25 ea
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POLY PTX Ceramic Sleeve

Ceramic sleeve made from top quality ceramic cloth with several times the service life of conventional zirconium sleeves.

POLY PTX Ceramic Flap Wheel

The ceramic flap wheel is much more aggressive and removes medium-strong scratches with ease in one operation.

$72.38 ea

POLY PTX Ceramic Mix Wheel

A completely new and attractive surface finish on stainless steel is created by this newly developed grinding wheel, using a special ceramic lamella recipe and our further improved fleece fabric in grit 60.

$78.60 ea

POLY PTX Eco Smart Flap Wheel

Grinding flap wheel for surface grinding

From: $35.70

POLY PTX Fleece Top Wheel

Compressed fleece that has been expanded for fine finishes. 112 x 100mm

From: $81.68

MINI MAX Expansion Roller

Expanding rubber wheel on a 6mm shaft

From: $24.15

MINI MAX Mix Wheel

For removing minor scratches, oxide and paint. For a medium to fine finish.

From: $12.05

MINI MAX Flap Wheel

For cleaning, removing rust and scratches and linear grinding.

From: $5.50

MINI MAX Zirconium Sleeve

For removing spot welds, heavy burrs, deep scratches, etc.

From: $1.93
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