INOX Protect

The smartest way to protect and optically upgrade stainlesssteel – an absolute necessity for all stainless steel surfaces



  • Quickly cleans and provides long-term protection from fingerprints and stains for decorative surfaces, giving them a transparent, protective layer of hard wax. Ideal for visible stainless steel surfaces of all kinds, kitchen panelling, ground stainless steel lift walls, railings, rods, pipes, stainless steel tables, and much more. Can also be used for all other metals. Spray it onto parts and distribute it by rubbing with a microfibre cloth; after a few seconds, polish with a second dry microfibre cloth. All parts will look completely new and can simply be re-polished dry at any time until the agent is re-applied.Suitable for all indoor metals

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50mL Spray Bottle, 500mL Spray Bottle, 5L Container incl. empty 500mL Spray Bottle

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