POLY PTX 800 Wood Set

Complete solutions for a wide range of jobs


  • Set Contents:

    • 1 4m Cable
    • 1 Suction cover for dust intake
    • 1 Spacer ring set
    • 1 Eco Smart Adapter
    • 1 Eco Smart Mix Wheel Ø 105 x 100 mm


    • 1 Bristle wheel Ø 100 x 70 mm
    • 1 Bristle Wheel Ø 100 x 25 mm
    • 1 Bristle Wheel Ø 100 x 12 mm
    • 1 POLY-PTX® Wire Wheel 100 x 70 mm
    • 1 POLY-PTX® Wire Wheel Ø 100 x 25 mm
    • 1 POLY-PTX® Wire Wheel Ø 100 x 12 mm
    • 1 Fibre Wheel Ø 100 x 100 mm


    Working with wood:
    Used in combination with a POLY-PTX® wire wheel, the POLY-PTX® 800 is outstanding for brushing out soft growth rings in coniferous woods A rustic effect is easy to produce due to the materials used (wire brush for steel).

    Used with the bristle wheel, a flexible, grit-impregnated plastic brush, the POLY-PTX® 800 is the ideal tool for producing a rustic effect with a soft growth ring transition.

    The fibre wheel guarantees stained wood surfaces are polished simply and yet with a top quality finish. The flexible fibre brush guarantees a perfect matt sheen effect and is ideal for pore-deep removal of dust and cleaning.

Additional information

Weight 9 kg
Dimensions 55 × 32 × 27 cm

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