POLY PTX 802 HT Basic Set

The original Linear Grinder, Sander and Polisher with a planetary gearbox providing extra torque for tough applications.


  • The inventor of the hand-held linear grinding machine is introducing a refinement of its familiar POLY-PTX® series, starting immediately.The new POLY-PTX® 802 HT (high torque) linear grinder offers a torque and performance profile that is so far unmatched. The newly developed planetary gear distributes traction across additional gear wheels in a sophisticated arrangement, greatly increasing all drive components’ resistance to wear and making the professional device a continuous runner. Eisenblätter has also refined the shaft handle, offering it with new, rubberised inserts that provide an especially good grip and optimal handling during linear grinding, satin finishing, or polishing, ensuring uniform grinding results that are entirely free of shadows.

    The drive spindle is of corrosion-free stainless steel. All grinding tools can be manually attached without screws by means of a self-centring knurled screw – now with rotary protection. Even the protective cover for the grinding rollers has been significantly improved and is of robust, precise aluminium pressure casting to which the optional suction cover with its suction sockets can be added. Special attention has been paid to the hose guide, which provides free lateral space during work. An additional retractable polycarbonate cover protects the eyes from flying particles during use of the extrawide grinding rollers (up to 150 mm) from our Eco Smart system.

    The new POLY-PTX® 802 HT has been designed for long service life and value preservation and represents a new level of quality and performance in linear grinding machines.

    • Shadow-free satin finishing, brushing, polishing of all metals (stainless steel to non-ferrous metals) to wood.
    • Removes weld seams, deep scratches, rust, dirt, paint, and oxide layers.
    • Extremely powerful, durable motor of 1,750 W with a sophisticated planetary gear for maximum power transmission and torque (high torque) throughout the speed range, 820-3,000 rpm with a tacho-generator for constant speeds, even under load – made entirely in Germany.
    • New, especially ergonomic shaft handle for optimal grinding roller handling.
    • Planetary gear delivers maximum torque and preserves value.
    • 19 mm stainless steel drive shaft with double splines across the entire length of the spindle for grinding rollers of up to 115 mm in diameter and 100 mm working width (milled fleece wheels of up to 110 mm) – with the Eco Smart adapter, up to 150 mm working width.
    • Large grinding tool range for decorative surface finishing.
    • Very fine grinding on large surface areas thanks to the oscillating grinding movement.
    • The optional grinding belt roller allows use as a pipe grinder, even on closed pipe constructions.

1 POLY-PTX® 802 HT basic machine
1 pre-installed DUST PREVENT SYSTEM
1 particulate matter protection cap
1 robust, impact-resistant plastic case
1 new POLY-PTX® tightening screw,
1 fleece wheel
1 expansion roller
1 zirconium sleeve
1 SC fleece sleeve

From the inventor of the linear grinding machine. More power than the original. Our multipurpose linear grinder now with even more power. 1750-watt output, speed control, ergonomic design and extremely versatile – even for working widths of up to 150 mm. High torque and power reserves guarantee a professional service life and improved economy.

(V ~ HZ)
AU QUICK-LOCK 1,750 220-240 ~ 50-60 820-3,000 19mm
(Double keyway)
Eco Smart Adapter
max. 100
(with Eco Smart 150)
max. 115 3,300 1 40201

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 55 × 32 × 27 cm

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