Grinds like hell. Finishes like heaven.

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One disc for all metals and just one grit!

The Hellfire flap disc is the newest flap disc developed by Eisenblatter to re-affirm our top spot in the flap disc market.
Its multi-grain ceramic-hybrid cloth flaps allow grinding professionals to grind as if it was grit 40 and finish like a grit 60. This top-quality German made flap disc can be used on ALL METALS; it is leading the world in versatile grinding discs and, most importantly, is affordable.

The Hellfire is the cutting edge of flap discs, not only does it cater for great performance, great price and great time efficiency. It also caters for the environment, NO GLASS FIBRE BACKING, instead using robust natural fibre, from an environmentally friendly and renewable source. The advantage of a natural fibre backing is that it can be trimmed down (with a pleasant wood scent) to enhance the service life of the disc; it can be trimmed down to the last millimetre. Due to multiple cooling layers there is no heat colouration of the work piece due to overheating. The Trimfix hellfire is the new price to performance leader for flap discs.

Don’t just take 111 Abrasives Australia’s word for it, here are a few quotes from customers of the hellfire flap disc: “keep them coming”, “impressive”, “great price” etc.

All over Australia and abroad people have been asking for the hellfire flap disc for its great performance, great price and great time-efficiency. Contact us now for your opportunity to work with cutting-edge flap disc technology.

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