Why Choose our Flap Discs?

In this article we will go through our flap disc range to answer the question of what makes them worth your hard earned dollar.

Environmentally Friendly – All our flap discs contain NO fibreglass in the backing plate. We either use Hemp Fibre as shown on the picture to right with the PLANTEX Cooltop flap disc, Natural fibre compound derived from hemp fibre (as shown on our TRIMFIX range) or ABS Plastic (Used for the legendary MAGNUM Cooltop range) which is used for its superior flexibility and workpiece adjustment. All these discs are manufactured in Germany by Eisenblaetter and are CO2 neutral. The manufacturing plant uses renewable electricity and other carbon emissions are offset. 

Trimmable – How often have you seen someone throw out a flap disc that still has a decent amount of abrasive left but can’t use it up due to the outer dimensions of the disc getting in the way?

Our flap discs are trimmable, but what does this mean? Basically the backing plate on the flap discs can be shaved down once you have used up all the abrasive material on the outer edge of the disc.  It gives the disc a new lease on life and you can use up all the abrasive material on the disc, reducing waste. 

To trim your disc simply shave the backing of your disc against some thick metal as shown in the video on the left.

Safety – Ultra-safe to work with MPA, ISO9001:2015 and FEM accreditation you can trust the consistent high quality of our products.

Trimming only permitted for Eisenblaetter flap discs with the “Trimmable” Symbol on it. The ideal angle for trimming is between 20 – 45 degrees. Never trim at 90 degrees!

  • Trim the disc on a sharp metal edge
  • Apply light pressure and gradually increase it until the backing plate begins to trim.
  • Maintain this pressure until you expose 6mm of the sanding flaps. Trimming more than this at one time could compromise the disc.
  • Be careful not to cut through the abrasive flaps, stop when you see the glue holding the flaps in place.

Incredible Performance – Eisenblaetter know flap discs and were even the first ones to produce a zirconium flap disc. Through many innovations and patents we have the top quality abrasive range we have today. Our flap discs outperform the competition in the following ways:

– Cooling Layers: This means cooler grinding, which reduces discolouration on the workpiece but also means the abrasive doesn’t glaze over and unable to continue work.

– Long Lasting: Through high quality abrasive material, the flap disc design and a trimmable backing plate, our discs are able to keep lasting much longer than the competition. This also means time saved from changing flap discs. 

– Superior Removal: Efficient design allows our flap discs to remove material faster. Our discs are a little more than the competition but the savings from the reduced amount of flap discs required for a job and the time saved easily makes up for the price difference. 

– Flexibility: Our backing plates that are also manufactured in house by Eisenblaetter allow more flexibility than the industry standard glass fibre backing plate. This is important because not only does it adjust to the workpiece better but it increases the contact patch for the flap disc on the material allowing cooler grinding behaviour. 

So which disc is right for me? – We have a large range of different flap discs because we believe in having the correct tool for the job. A flap disc for aluminium (Such as the Trimfix Tigershark) would not be optimal for grinding down a stainless steel weld (Such as the Magnum Cooltop 5). We are a 100% Australian owned and operated family business and any of our staff would be more than happy to recommend the right tool for your application. 

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